MPMC Lithium-ion Battery HBD® Series

Empower a greener and more profitable business with MPMC Hybrid ® 30 - 2500kWh Smart Industrial / Commercial LiFePO4 Energy Storage System

Customized System Capacity: small/medium/large power. Customized roof from
MPMC cabinet to ALL-SIZE container

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Compact design. Built-in thermal management system, suppression system, intelligent EMS to ensure reliable energy solution.

The innovation in preventive fire protection

MPMC HBD Series adopts branded LiFePO4 battery cells, assuring 4000 times under charge/discharge @1C once per day,
8000 times under charge/discharge @0.3C once per day @ DOD 80% for a 8 consecutive years,
total capacity of the battery system ≥ 80% of default initial capacity.

Mobility-oriented. 4 forklift pockets and removable lifting holes.
Durable design. Our products comply with MPMC self-owned sheet metal surface pre-treatment and coating technology,
adopting Akzo Nobel powder coating that ensures 3 years outdoor warranty.

Plug & Play. Both DC and AC sockets available.
Optional: PV connector / PV Module.


According to various power demands, MPMC battery energy storage system is more compact, efficient and flexible. The system capacity of this HBD battery energy storage system is up to 2500kWh. And we also design a specific silent canopy for the BESS with a capacity below 100kWh. It integrates up-market battery system, battery management system and operation monitoring system in this small unit, with excellent lithium-ion battery consistency ensures 8000 times of life cycles for 9 consecutive years, meeting the most demanding applications.

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MPMC HBD series lithium battery energy storage adopts branded LiFePO4 batteries, built-in BMS to ensure long lifespan. Per cities that have multiple peak and valley time prices and Time-Of-Use subsidies policy, shortenning the period of return on investment, MPMC HBD Series help to create long-term value for our customers.


Certificates & Standard Compliants


A World-Class Hybrid Energy and Battery Storage Solution Innovator

MPMC POWERTECH CORP. (Security Code 832266) is an international high-tech enterprise established in the Year 2008. By optimizing solar power, wind turbines, diesel power, lithium-ion batteries, and energy storage system, MPMC has designed, manufactured and marketed state-of-the-art integrated/distributed energy solutions both on and off the grid in many applications, including rental, telecom, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, mining, defense, data ceneter, residential/commercial/industrial power etc.

For 14 years MPMC has successfully exported power generation products to over 120 countries, established holding subsidiaries and offices in the USA, South Africa, DOM, UK, UAE, and China, and has won a fair reputation for a trusted manufacturer and faithful partner.

MPMC has also co-founded a joint laboratory of distributed smart hybrid energy technology with TONGJI University, one of the most prestigious universities in China. By utilizing the self-developed APP named "More Power Cloud", the laboratory is striving to conduct various technical researches on global hybrid intelligent life-cycle management.

To become a leader in mobile hybrid power solution, with more reliable, more intelligent and more attentive services, MPMC makes every endeavour to provide the most timely, customized and comprehensive solutions.


Each product of MPMC adopts well-known branded battery cells, durable structure, and long-lasting materials. MPMC has rigorous quality control system. There are production line records for each batch of products tracking real-time production and testing conditions. Data will be retained for long-term observation and guarantee uniformity, which reduces defective products with poor appearances.

In the past 3 years, MPMC had invested one sub-factory with 2 automatic assembly lines for Battery Packs, Portable Power Stations and Residential/Commercial/Industrial Energy Storage Products. Besides, MPMC is now investing more than 20M US Dollars for setting up one more new big sub-factory with extra 6 automatic assembly lines for Battery Packs and Containerized Battery Energy Storage Systems. MPMC devotes to making customers satisfied by the effective energy storage system, continuous innovation, and successive improvement.



HBD Series Energy Storage System

Rated Power(AC Output)30KW50kW100kW250kW
Rated Voltage/Phase400Vac/3P400Vac/3P400Vac/3P400Vac/3P
AC Connection3P4W3P4W3P4W3P4W
Battery Cluster Voltage614.4VDC358.4VDC716.8VDC716.8VDC
Battery  Cluster Voltage Range537.6~691.2VDC313.6~403.2VDC627.2~806.4VDC627.2~806.4VDC
BESS Engery@25℃61.44kWh100.3kWh200.7kWh401.4kWh
Battery Pack Voltage51.2VDC51.2VDC51.2VDC51.2VDC
Battery Pack Capacity100Ah280Ah280Ah280Ah
Pack Engery@25℃5.12kWh14.336kWh14.336kWh14.336kWh
Pack Qty.12pcs7pcs14pcs28pcs
Cycle Life@90%DOD6000times6000times6000times6000times
PCS Model - Off-GridPWS2-30P-EXPWS2-30P-EXPWS1-100K-CNPWS1-250K-H-CN
PCS Rated Power30KW30KW100kW250kW
Battery Voltage Range150~750VDC150~750VDC500~850VDC600~900VDC
PCS Qty.1pcs2pcs1pcs1pcs
Control SystemLocal EMS( Remote for option)
Cooling SystemElectric FanHVAC
Fire Fighting SystemAerosol ( CE)
Operating Temp.-20~50℃( Power derated, over 45℃ )
Altitude≤3000m( Power derated, over 2000m )
Dimensions (L x W x H)1800*1150*1750mm1550*1250*2250mm2200*1250*2250mm2950*2250*2250mm
The loading capacity6units/20'GP 12units/40'GP4units/20'GP 9units/40'GP4units/20'GP 9units/40'GP2units/20'GP 4units/40'GP
transformer1' Special voltage  ;  2'  Rated power same with PCS
STS/Backup power mode ,  Power supply no sudden interruption/
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HBD Series Energy Storage System

Rated Power(AC Output)30KW100kW60KW200kW400kW
Rated Voltage/Phase400Vac/3P400Vac/3P400Vac/3P400Vac/3P400Vac/3P
AC Connection3P4W3P4W3P4W3P4W3P4W
Battery Cluster Voltage614.4VDC716.8VDC614.4VDC512.0VDC772.8VDC
Battery  Cluster Voltage Range537.6~691.2VDC627.2~806.4VDC537.6~691.2VDC448~576VDC604.8~940.8VDC
BESS Engery@25℃61.44kWh200.7kWh61.44kWh99.84kWh63.36kWh
Battery Pack Voltage51.2VDC51.2VDC51.2VDC51.2VDC110.4VDC
Battery Pack Capacity100Ah280Ah100Ah130Ah82Ah
Pack Engery@25℃5.12kWh14.336kWh5.12kWh6.65kWh9.05kWh
Pack Qty.12pcs14pcs12pcs15pcs7pcs
Cycle Life@90%DOD6000times6000times6000times6000times20000times
PCS Model(Standard)-Off-GridPWS2-30P-EXPWS1-100K-CNPWS2-30P-EX//
PCS Rated Power30KW100kW30KW//
Battery Voltage Range150~750VDC500~850VDC150~750VDC//
PCS Qty.1pcs1pcs2pcs//
PCS Model(Option)-Off-Grid/INPPCS-100/0.4-W-14-C1-OS/INPPCS-100/0.4-W-14-C1-OSINPPCS-100/0.4-W-14-C1-OS INPPCS-100/0.3-W-2-B2
PCS Rated Power/100kW/100kW100kW
Battery Voltage Range/600~950VDC/600~950VDC600~950VDC
PCS Qty./1pcs/2pcs4pcs
Control SystemLocal EMS( Remote for option)Local EMS( Remote for option)Local EMS( Remote for option)Local EMS( Remote for option)
Fire Fighting SystemAerosol (CE)Aerosol (CE)Aerosol (CE)Aerosol (CE)
PV systemAC 400V inputAC 400V inputAC 400V inputAC 400V input
CEE socketIP67 /5P/3pcsIP67 /5P/3pcsIP67 /5P/3pcsIP67 /5P/3pcs
Operating Temp.-20~50℃( Power derated,over 45℃ )-20~50℃( Power derated, over 45℃ )-20~50℃( Power derated, over 45℃ )-20~50℃( Power derated, over 45℃ )
Altitude≤3000m( Power derated, over 2000m )≤3000m( Power derated, over 2000m )≤3000m( Power derated, over 2000m )≤3000m( Power derated, over 2000m )
Dimensions (L x W x H)1800*1150*1750mm2200*1250*2250mm1800*1150*2000mm1150*1350*2250mm1450*1400*2000mm
The loading capacity6units/20'GP 12units/40'GP4units/20'GP 9units/40'GP6units/20'GP 12units/40'GP8units/20'GP 12units/40'GP4units/20'GP 8units/40'GP

transformer1' Special voltage  ;  2' Rated power same with PCS1' Special voltage  ;  2' Rated power same with PCS1' Special voltage  ;  2' Rated power same with PCS1' Special voltage  ;  2' Rated power same with PCS
Reference PicturePicture 1#Picture 2#Picture 2#Picture 2#

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